Research and Production Association "Passat", LLC is the official representative of the Swiss manufacturer of high-quality Sistag AG valves (trademark Wey®) in the Republic of Belarus along the entire range of knife, slide and diaphragm valves.

Since 1964 Sistag has been operating in the national and international valve-market. During this time, the company has been responding continuously to the requirements of a growing and at the same time increasingly demanding customer base. Brand name Wey® is worldwide recognized and internationally protected. In the industry, the name stands for Swiss quality, both with regard to the product and the support we offer. This reputation of the Wey® products is based on exceptional functionality and process safety, ease of maintenance and long service life.


Wey® products perform in a broad range of industries & applications. Whether mining, water treatment, food & beverage, chemical or petrochemical industry, biomass, cement or waste handling – whenever fluids, powder or slurries need to be controlled, companies rely on Wey products. Wey® products comply with the highest standards of technology. With countless years of experience developing innovative designs Wey® has become recognized for unique solutions to complex valve problems. For this reason Wey® provides customers from start to finish with satisfaction and a sense of security. This has always been the case. And this will also always be rule for the future. That’s the Wey®.

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More detailed information you can get at the official producer's website or you may get in touch with our sales department: +375 174 28 00 07,