Pneumatic Ejector Flotation Machines

Pneumatic ejector flotation machines are designed for enrichment of mineral deposits at the rougher, scavenger and cleaner flotation and provide following advantages:

Reduced power consumption in comparison with mechanic flotation machines is provided by the absence of moving parts and as a consequence engines. The use of non-metal structural components also ensures low capital and operational expenditures.

Pneumatic ejector flotation machines automatically sustain a specified height of the foamed layer, which ensures a higher quality of the ready product.

An important feature of ejector flotation machine is flotation process high intensity, that is given by:

Thus by replacing mechanic flotation machines with pneumatic ejector ones a manufacturer increases the capacity of the production area, reduces losses of flotation tailings and raises the quality of the concentrate after the main and cleaning flotation.

Our company can design and manufacture pneumatic ejector flotation machines of different sizes according to the customer’s demand.