Highly-Productive Compact Thickeners

High-performance compact thickeners can be used for thickening (dehydrating) and clarification, as hydroseparators, tailings thickeners in mining and chemical industry as well as for sewage purification. In potassium industry they are used for thickening sludge and saline product with getting of filtered spent liquor.


Meantime the hydroseparators and tailing thickeners with the diameter of 18 meters are used.

Flotation pulp thickeners has a system of foam removal. They include a vessel for deaerating pulp, which is also designed for mixing pulp and its contact with flocculant. Flocculant is served in portions. It forms large and porous floccula, that decay and form solid floccula, which assures their high rate of deposition.

In thickeners pulp is served directly to the concentration area, under a layer of flocculated solid particles, which ensures filtration of discharge and additional flocculation. The implemented technical solutions provide high throughput per unit area.

Thickeners are equipped with a central driving gear of a mechanical rabble for effective removal of liquid and air.

The control system of a thickener is designed for operating the process of saline solutions purification. Solutions are then returned into the technological process.

The control system consists of the following units:

Modern materials used for chemical protection of the vessel of thickeners allow using the machine for clarification and thickening of hot pulps at temperatures up to 105 °C.

Advantages of high-performance compact thickeners:

  1. High specific output;
  2. High density of thickened sludge;
  3. Possibility of adjusting and maintaining the clarified layer and full automation of the thickener;
  4. Minor production area necessary for their installation.

After implementing minor construction modifications thickeners can be used as hydroseparators for pulp desludging.

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