The Construction of Adjustable Vacuum-crystallizer Installation for Crystallization of KCL for Forth Production Unit of Belaruskali, JSC

Goal and object’s purpose: construction of new technological line for production of coarse crystalline halurgical potassium chloride with capacity of at least 1,500,000 tons per year.

Method of production: potassium chloride vacuum-crystallization from hot saturated liquors. Selected process of obtaining coarse crystalline potassium chloride consists of seven stepwise evaporation liquor under the vacuum at the apparatus, consisting of seven evaporates. For the purpose of maximum energy efficiency in installation provides the recovery of thermal energy when cooling of mother liquor by titanium surface heat exchangers and mixing condensers. To reduce foaming the installation equipped with automotive preparation and dozing system of antifoam agent.

Final product: coarse crystalline potassium chloride, chemical formula – KCl, average size of  cluster crystals of round shape dcp=0,6 – 0,8 mm. The production of coarse crystalline potassium chloride with useful component content in conversion to К₂О not less than 62,0%.

Project implementation terms: 20 month.

Delivery package includes the basic technical project with technological solutions and constructional and architectural tasks for designing the production building, three dimensional modeling of the installation.

Basic project’s characteristics:

Delivery package includes process automation to the operator’s console.

Delivery package includes commissioning, training and starting-up of all the equipment complex, acceptance testing and starting up.